4 questions to ask your wedding planner: Your guide for the best way to experience your Maui elopement or wedding ceremony.

Aloha from Maui, home to the most pristine and scenic beaches on Earth. Couples flock from around the world to celebrate their commitment ceremonies to each other on the edge of the warm Pacific. There are so many details to consider when planning your wedding or elopement that choosing a professional wedding planner is an indispensable resource to making your vision real. In our 15 years of experience Marry Me Maui has compiled a list of some of the most important considerations you should discuss with your wedding planner to best experience your elopement or wedding ceremony.

Beach Wedding. Beach weddings, elopements and vow renewals are very popular with our clients for several reasons; the locations are beautiful, there is no additional fee involved in setting up on the beach except for the state permit which we provide, and a casual beach wedding with your toes in the sand is an experience that only a select few get to experience in their lifetimes. While all the beaches in Hawai…

The 3 best reasons to choose Maui for your destination wedding.

Aloha and happy New Year! As we look forward to 2019 we wanted to take a look at what makes Maui the number one travel destination on the planet and why that makes our beautiful island the perfect place for you Maui wedding or elopement ceremony. You could go anywhere, like Cancun or Belize, but Maui's towering volcanic mountains, verdant rain forests, and warm cerulean sea, make her stand out above the crowd.  _____________________________________________________________________  MAUI KAHU
Maui Kahu Laki Kaahumanu ©Joe D'Alessandro
There are a number of very soulful and spiritual Kahu's (ministers) on Maui. They easily share their mana'o with wedding and elopement couples from around the world. Some will play ukulele during the ceremony as an added gift to your ceremony. The oli (chant) is the ancient Hawaiian method of passing on the stories of the ancestors before a written language. It is also used as a prayer or blessing. Standing in the presence of a true Kanaka …
Tiffany and Bret went with a semi private venue at Gannon's in Wailea for their December wedding in Maui. Tiffany chose some impeccable features for her ceremony including a beautiful driftwood arch with floral designs by our favorite designer on Maui; Dellables. Charles added the musical component by playing his ukulele and singing some traditional Hawaiian songs. After the ceremony and formal portraits we went down to the beach and caught some sunset photos. A beautiful day with beautiful people. Chill, simple, relaxed. 1-808-385-2247

Maui Wedding Planning and Photography at Makena Maui Wedding Beaches

Sabrina and Jesus enjoyed a beautiful late afternoon Maui wedding ceremony at Poolenalena beach in Makena with Marry Me Maui Wedding Plannes. Our good friend Charles Nahale officiated the event and played some chicken skin music on his ukulele. Poolenalena (Chang's beach) is a huge swath of sand and ocean in spectacular Makena, the "south side" of Maui. Some of the best wedding beaches in Maui are located here and we know them all! From White Rock, and Paipu, to Makena Cove, Marry Me Maui has performed hundreds of weddings at all of them. Some of these beaches are small and intimate, best for just the couple and maybe 3 guests and some are very large and wide with plenty of room for up to 30 people. As always, parking on Maui's pristine beaches is limited so please carpool!

Sabrina and Jesus had almost the entire beach to themselves on this cool and breezy Wednesday afternoon. We want to thank them for a beautiful afternoon doing what we love to do!

Maui Vow Renewals: 3 Reasons to Hire a Professional Maui Wedding Planner

It's been a few years. It's cold and gray outside and time to heat things up with your significant other. So you're thinking: another lobster dinner at the local 2 star restaurant? Kick up your heels at that live music venue you haven't been to since your college days? Maybe a couples massage at that new spa you heard about on a commercial break during the last football game you watched? Nah, we have a better idea: Spice it up with a vow renewal on a Maui beach! And we have 3 reasons why you should hire a professional Maui Wedding Planner to arrange all the details for you.

Reason #1: We have the beaches! That's right, we know where the best spots are to get your vow on. Sure, you are staying at a condo that advertises "oceanfront" but is there a beach? Maybe not! Could be just a small little bit of sand that you have to share with the rest of the winter refugees from  your condo. Contact your professional Maui wedding planner and ask them where to go to…

7 Floral Designs for your Maui Wedding

Our Maui wedding planners are always being asked about floral designs. We only use one designer and that's our good friends Della and Everett at Dellables. Della creates truly fantastic designs that our couples always love. There are plenty of choices, not just in flowers but in huppa arrangements, Haku Lei's, Bouquets, even Maile Ti Leis for the men. 

That's a two arrangement bamboo arch at Merriman's in Kapalua. We cut the arrangements off after the wedding and use them as a centerpiece for the dining table. Two uses for the price of one! There's an array of material available for the arch itself and the white fabric always adds a soft counterpoint to the bamboo. The couple typically stands in front of the arch which provides another adornment to the killer views at Merriman's.

Looking for bouquets for all the bridesmaids? We can do that. Check out the fresh designs above for all the special women at your wedding. Bridesmaid bouquets are typically smaller than …

Maui Weddings: Sunset can be a stunning time for your ceremony.

Maui skies can light up like fireworks on the fourth of July sometimes. Even after the sun sets, the colors just seem to keep on going, changing and getting deeper in color as time passes. We had such a sunset yesterday with Melissa and David right after their Maui Beach wedding ceremony at Paipu beach in Makena. The colors were spectacular and we were their with the Nikon to capture it. Folks always ask us when is the best time to plan their Maui Wedding. We are happy to do it in the morning or evening as each time of day presents a different, unique palette to work with. The afternoon light gets softer as it gets later while the morning light is more blue and sharper yielding a bright blue ocean and more defined shadows. While we can't always guarantee a spectacular sunset, Maui is usually generous with her evening light show. We love watching what the light will do and our passion is capturing our wedding couples with Maui in the background in all her glory. Call your professi…