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Maui Wedding Planners

The holidays are a great time to plan your Maui wedding. We take our photography as seriously as the planning, providing our couples with professionally produced imagery including the high resolution fully retouched digital images along with full reproduction rights. Brandy and Nick wanted a relaxed photo shoot so we took them to the Maui Tropical Plantation for a pre-wedding photo session before driving down to Makena for the ceremony. These types of packages are easily arranged and we have many different locations to choose from. 
For a free, no pressure, no hassle consultation, call us. 1.800.745.0344 or just click onto our website; Marry me Maui Wedding Planners.

Wedding Planning on Maui

Cachina and Neal took a break from their hectic professional lives in Georgia and spent an afternoon with us in Maui taking their wedding vows and kicking up their heels at a spectacular south Maui venue. Their extended family came out with them to celebrate their wedding in style. Cachina and Neal pulled out all the stops, with flowers, music, in room hair and makeup, a professional DJ and a fabulous 5 course meal prepared by one of Maui's premier chefs. When you compare this exotic celebration to your typical hometown wedding, you'll find the prices are comparable except that you get to have your honeymoon on the most sought after island destination in the world. We can help with all this planning. Our professional vendors are the best on Maui, the venues the most beautiful, the food is sumptuous and the photography exceptional.

We are here to help with your Maui wedding plans. Call us toll free at 1.800.745.0344 or drop us an email at

Maui Wedding Planners

Our potential clients always ask us what separates us from all the other Maui wedding planners. We always tell them that aside from our personalized service, quick response time and reasonable package pricing, is the photography. We take the photography very seriously which is why we use one photographer exclusively for all our Maui Weddings. Joe has been shooting professionally since 1986 and is also an owner of Marry Me Maui. What this means is that there's always an owner of the company you've booked for your wedding on site, usually both, assuring continuity and quality. We never double book and only contract with professionals who exemplify our high standards.
Our photography packages always include the high res. digital files and are fully retouched. Some companies charge extra for retouching services or the high res. files. Our clients receive full reproduction to rights to their wedding images. We also produce high quality leather albums, dvd slideshows with music and…

Maui Beach Wedding Permits

We were interviewed on Australian radio about the recent appeals ruling by the 9th circuit court regarding beach wedding rules implemented by the state of Hawaii several years ago. We have written previously about the rules and since they are now the law of the land we thought we'd follow up.
As Maui beach weddings have become more popular, the state of Hawaii decided to limit, to a certain extent, the types of props wedding planners could use during a ceremony. The new rules also demanded that Maui Wedding Planners obtain liability insurance. The insurance requirement is a good one for couples planning a Maui wedding. It protects them and the state and is something you might want to ask your planner about. If they don't have the insurance, they can't legally perform a wedding on Maui's beaches.
The appeals ruling actually protects the couple. Previously, the state reserved the right to revoke a permit at any time, which meant that if your planner was out of complian…

Maui Weddings

Sometimes a girl just needs to get her wedding dress on and book a session with our photographer on a killer beach in Maui. We can handle that! While we are a full service wedding planning company, we also specialize in professional Maui portrait photography. Most of the sessions we book, when a client may already be married as in Ry's case, last an hour. We schedule the session for the hour before sunset, when there's plenty of light, and shoot until the sun drops below the horizon. This is the perfect time to shoot, the "golden hour" as the light softens, the temperatures cool and most beach goers are heading back to their hotels leaving the beach to the lucky couples celebrating life in Maui.

If you feel like packing the dress on your honeymoon to Maui, give us a call to book a professional photo session. We can arrange for in room hair and make up, floral arrangements, etc. We can also give you some great suggestions for dinner. Marry Me Maui Wedding Planners an…

Maui Wedding Bouquets

Marry Me Maui Wedding Planners only retains the services of the most seasoned and creative professionals on Maui. Whether it's gorgeous one of a kind floral arrangements from Maui's best floral designer, a semi private wedding venue complete with ponds and streams, a manicured oasis and delicious cuisine, or killer Maui Wedding photography, Marry Me Maui can hook you up. Our company is family owned and operated offering professional, personalized service with Aloha. We offer reasonably priced packages for all price ranges and our website includes all the pricing with no hidden fees.
If you're wondering about a Maui wedding, please give us a call 1-800-745-0344. It may surprise you to find out that a destination wedding that includes your honeymoon can be less expensive than a big wedding in your home town. Maui offers some of the finest amenities in the world: Golfing, fishing, dining, Hawaiian entertainment, the list goes on. Our first class resorts offer the best hotels i…

Maui Wedding Dress

Brooke and Clint got Maui'd on our favorite Makena Beach. It was a beautiful, cool afternoon with puffy clouds, a nice breeze and a fantastic sunset. Brooke wore a spectacular gown while Clint went casual with a lightweight white shirt, This is probably the best way to dress for an outdoor Maui wedding. Black Tux's, while very stylish and one might say even sexy, get a groom pretty hot, especially under a Maui sun. Temperatures can hit 88 degrees even in Winter, so keep it light!

Maui Hawaii Weddings

Believe it or not, once in a great while it rains here on Maui. I'm not talking about the passing showers we all get used to but a Kona storm that rolls in and stays for a week wreaking havoc, flooding roads and cutting off power. Fortunately, it happens rarely and we can usually find a beach, in Lahaina most likely, where there's little to no rain. We're flexible like that. Tanya and Stace faced such a dilemma the other day. It was raining in Kapalua so we moved the wedding to Lahaina Baby beach and had a spectacular afternoon, no rain, soft light, calm waters. Tanya and Stace also brought their baby Brooklyn with them so it was all totally apropos. Here's a couple of photos from their wedding. Thanks guys for being flexible and rolling with it.

Getting Married in Hawaii

Getting married in Hawaii is easier than you may think. The license procedure has moved into the 21st century and couples no longer have to wait 10 to 16 weeks to get the license. You can now get it online in a few days. Narrowing down your choice of island may be a bit more difficult but we're going to make that easier too. A Maui Wedding is probably one of the coolest things a couple can do to begin their life together. With a population of only 155,000 people, Maui combines a rural community with hundreds of miles of generally empty beaches, easy access and spectacular sunsets to create the number one destination wedding location on earth.

As Maui Wedding Planners since the 1980's, Marry Me Maui offers hundreds of lucky couples a year professional wedding planning with inspired Maui wedding and portrait photography, specialized services and aloha. Our reasonable pricing ensures a romantic wedding memory without breaking the bank. In fact, we often tell our potential clients…

Getting Maui'd

Why should you elope to Maui and get yourself Maui'd? Perhaps this picture will convince you:

Dennis has been marrying folks for years and these beaches are available to you, on the shores of one of the finest islands in the world, with just a phone call. You can rent a hall or church in your home town, but only Maui offers this kind of incredible, pristine beach to share your vows.  Call us at Marry Me Maui Wedding Planners: 1-800-745-0344