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Getting Married in Hawaii

Getting married in Hawaii is easier than you may think. The license procedure has moved into the 21st century and couples no longer have to wait 10 to 16 weeks to get the license. You can now get it online in a few days. Narrowing down your choice of island may be a bit more difficult but we're going to make that easier too. A Maui Wedding is probably one of the coolest things a couple can do to begin their life together. With a population of only 155,000 people, Maui combines a rural community with hundreds of miles of generally empty beaches, easy access and spectacular sunsets to create the number one destination wedding location on earth. As Maui Wedding Planners since the 1980's, Marry Me Maui offers hundreds of lucky couples a year professional wedding planning with inspired Maui wedding and portrait photography , specialized services and aloha. Our reasonable pricing ensures a romantic wedding memory without breaking the bank. In fact, we often tell our potential cli

Getting Maui'd

Why should you elope to Maui and get yourself Maui'd? Perhaps this picture will convince you:   Dennis has been marrying folks for years and these beaches are available to you, on the shores of one of the finest islands in the world, with just a phone call. You can rent a hall or church in your home town, but only Maui offers this kind of incredible, pristine beach to share your vows.  Call us at Marry Me Maui Wedding Planners : 1-800-745-0344