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Morning Wedding on Maui at Kapalua Bay

Our last post discussed late morning wedding options for those of you who like to sleep in. For those of you who enjoy waking up early, we present Cassandra and Klaudia's morning wedding ceremony at Kapalua Bay. Arriving a bit before 8am we are greeted by birds and a nice cool breeze, light cloud cover and a spectacular blue ocean. Most of the beach goers are still eating breakfast or getting the kids packed up to go so in most cases, at 8AM, we have the beach pretty much to ourselves. Now why would you put yourself and family members through an early morning wake up call? Well, one reason might be if you plan to go to a luau after your ceremony. While the luaus usually start around 1 or 2 hours before sunset, you'll have the entire day to lounge around and relax after your morning ceremony! If you're on the west side, Kapalua Bay offers a stunning beach with cliffs, deep blue ocean, turtles and Coconut Grove, a beautiful grassy area mauka of the beach where we can take yo

Maui Wedding at Gannon's Wailea

Morning comes early around here and we generally like to get our Maui morning beach weddings started by 8AM in order to beat the beachgoers, snorkelers and toddlers that generally arrive by 9:30AM. 8AM might seem a bit early, especially if that means you're getting your in room hair and makeup at 5am, but the results are worthwhile and some people are early risers anyway. Don't forget, if you're from the east coast, with the time difference, 8am is really more like 1 or 2 in the afternoon! For those couples who don't want a 5am stylist appointment there's a couple of semi private venues we like to use for a later, more laid back morning wedding ceremony. Emily and Jeremy were one such couple who preferred a 10AM start time and wanted to use Gannon's in Wailea. The reason we are suggesting a place like Gannon's for a late morning wedding is that aside from the spectacular view and ono grinds, there's plenty of parking and we don't have to jockey for

Maui Gay Wedding in Makena, South Maui

Denise and Shannon contacted us to help them with their August wedding on Maui. They liked the images on our website along with our Maui wedding package pricing and were eager to get started. Their plans were for an intimate beach wedding and since they were staying in the Kihei area of Maui we directed them to Poolenalena beach in Makena, a rural, sparsely populated area just south of the Wailea resort which is dotted with beautiful, intimate beaches and very few condo's or resorts. From Palauea beach (White Rock) to Paako Cove (Secret Cove), Makena offers several pristine beaches that are appropriate for your Maui wedding. Poolenalena (Chang's beach) is probably the largest of the group and it has a narrow path to the north leading to Paipu Beach (Secret Beach), a rather remote swath of sand which is also a favorite spot of ours. The afternoon of Denise and Shannon's wedding was a bit cloudy, which in August is a good thing because it keeps the temperatures down, and th