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Discount Maui Weddings

Images from June 2009 The Westin Maui, June 2009 Everyone wants a good deal. That's a fact not only in times of economic uncertainty but also when times are good. Balancing quality with price is a difficult game and the best price does not always mean the best wedding. Sure, a beach wedding on Maui is a beach wedding on Maui, or so it may seem, but it pays to ask yourself a few questions before booking the cheapest package you can find. Has the wedding planner been working in the wedding industry on Maui for 23 years? Is your planner fully insured? Is their website informative and up to date with killer images from last month's weddings? Are all the fees listed plainly, with no surprises? Does the planner work with professionals only, not car salesmen by day and photographers by night? Has your planner been living on Maui for so long that they are aware of the beaches that work best for your group, at any particular time of year, or when a private v