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Maui Wedding Planners, Maui Wedding Photographers

Katie and Todd gave us the honor of coordinating and photographing their Maui wedding last month on the beautiful beach at Kapalua Bay. They brought quite a few friends and family with them and we were lucky enough to have the beach almost all to ourselves and we enjoyed a typically spectacular Maui sunset.

Booking a Maui wedding with Marry Me Maui Wedding Planners is about the easiest way to enjoy a carefree and beautiful afternoon. We will take care of all the details and provide you with the kind of killer images that last a lifetime. Since we know most of our clients visit Maui rarely, we take the imagery seriously. The photographers at Marry Me Maui will fully retouch a number of your images, depending on the package, and provide you with full reproduction rights along with all of the outtakes from the day. We began our professional photography career here on the island of Maui in 1986 and are intimately familiar with the conditions and lighting requirements of every location we…

Maui Wedding Planners and Maui Photography

As we progress through the year and into a new one we realize how blessed we are to be living our dream on Maui working with the warmest couples and families we could imagine. From Maui Wedding Planning to Hair and Makeup Services, Killer Maui Photography, Music, you name it, we are blessed to partner with the best Maui has to offer.

These images were taken recently at Kimberly and Keith's Maui Wedding. In this post, we are focusing on the hair styling and photography that is available at Marry Me Maui Wedding Planners.

We have several reasonably priced Maui Wedding Packages that include pre-wedding photography which allows us to capture intimate images like these:

Maui Beach Weddings

Last night, 11-15-13, we had an amazing sunset here on Maui. After quite a cloudy day, the sun set into a thick soup of clouds. We all figured that a killer sunset would have to wait another day when all of a sudden, this popped out:

What an awesome surprise for Jennifer and Simon who traveled all the way from Australia to get Maui'd. Due to the large waves and cloudy day, the beach was almost totally empty so we were able to enjoy almost absolute privacy. While this is not the case everyday, a Maui beach wedding is a great way to have a meaningful ceremony surrounded by some of the most spectacular views nature has to offer. Marry Me Maui wedding planners offers many reasonably priced wedding planning packages for couples who are looking for a casual beach atmosphere or a semi private cliffside venue. 1.808.242.1100

Marriage Equality in Hawaii

Hawaii has become the 16th state in the US to do the right thing and allow same sex couples the full rights and privileges of marriage! Beginning on Dec. 2, 2013, the state of Hawai'i will begin issuing marriage licenses to gay and lesbian couples. We have had the honor of celebrating same sex civil unions and now we can actually perform full service weddings for our gay and lesbian clients. Maui is a unique and beautiful island, the perfect place to have a romantic wedding ceremony and Marry Me Maui is here to help with professional services and killer photography. Your no obligation free consultation is available at 808.242.1100 or

Jessica and Ryan's Maui Wedding

Where can you go in a world of 7 billion souls to find yourself almost completely alone with your closest friends and family on a pristine tropical beach to have your wedding? If you're Jessica and Ryan the answer would be, Maui! With a luau scheduled as their reception, we set them up with a mid afternoon ceremony time on a rather unknown beach on the west side of Maui, a beach known mostly to the local surfers and frequent visitors but not many others. Jessica went for our Elegant Maui wedding package from Marry Me Maui Wedding Planners, a package which includes in room hair and makeup, live music for the ceremony, cinematography, a professional Maui photographer and a custom bridal bouquet among other amenities. The weather was perfect with light clouds and a cool breeze. Our professional Maui Wedding Planner guided our wonderful couple through the entire process keeping them on time and on target while our professional pool of Maui wedding professionals provided their typical…

A Maui Wedding with Michelle and Tommy

A few weeks ago we had the pleasure of working with Michelle and Tommy on their Maui destination wedding. Michelle chose a  mid level package from Marry Me Maui Wedding Planners which included a custom bouquet, pre-wedding photography, in room hair and make-up and a musician for their romantic beach ceremony. These inclusive Maui wedding packages are surprisingly affordable and most of all, FUN! We began our Maui Photography coverage in Michelle's room at the Maui Coast Hotel which is just across the street from the beach in Kihei. Spending about 20 minutes with Michelle, her mom and brother, gave us the opportunity to get some intimate candid images before the wedding. A short ride down the coast to a relatively empty Chang's beach in Makena brough us to the wedding site where Tommy was patiently waiting for his bride. We had a typically gorgeous Maui afternoon with Rev. Dennis DeRego doing the ministry and Brother Kalani playing some beautiful ukulele both before, during an…

Maui Wedding Services

Clients always ask us about our Maui wedding packages and what they can add to them. This always leads to a discussion on the size of your guest list and what your expectations are for your wedding ceremony. Our packages are all priced for a beach location with additional fees for private venues. Private venues offer ample parking, covered back up in case of rain (in most cases), a lawn area reserved for the wedding itself, chairs, the ability to have amplified music, wedding arches, champagne toasts, etc. Some of the things we cannot legally provide on a public beach are available at private venues. These venues also usually have restaurants so it's very convenient to have your ceremony and reception at the same location without driving around the island. Shuttle buses can also be arranged to avoid the hassle of designated drivers.

Marry Me Maui has been providing professional wedding planning and photography services to clients from around the world for 15 years. We are dedicat…