7 Floral Designs for your Maui Wedding

Our Maui wedding planners are always being asked about floral designs. We only use one designer and that's our good friends Della and Everett at Dellables. Della creates truly fantastic designs that our couples always love. There are plenty of choices, not just in flowers but in huppa arrangements, Haku Lei's, Bouquets, even Maile Ti Leis for the men. 

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2 floral arch with roses
That's a two arrangement bamboo arch at Merriman's in Kapalua. We cut the arrangements off after the wedding and use them as a centerpiece for the dining table. Two uses for the price of one! There's an array of material available for the arch itself and the white fabric always adds a soft counterpoint to the bamboo. The couple typically stands in front of the arch which provides another adornment to the killer views at Merriman's.

Bride and bridesmaid bouquet
Looking for bouquets for all the bridesmaids? We can do that. Check out the fresh designs above for all the special women at your wedding. Bridesmaid bouquets are typically smaller than the bridal bouquet but are made of the same florals with the same design and add another beautiful dimension to your tropical Maui wedding.

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   Got a thing for sunflowers? Yeah, we can do that! The beautiful yellow flowers provide a saturated contrast to the brilliant blue skies and green grass of Maui. Also photographed at Merriman's by Maui Wedding Photographer Joe D'Alessandro, these sunflowers were held by the bridesmaids as well and created some amazing photo opportunities. If you're from the midwest these sunflower arrangements should make you feel right at home!

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Matching bouquet and Haku Lei
Then there's the Haku Lei we talked about in the beginning. The circle of flowers around the brides head match the bouquet she's holding and brilliantly brings out the tropical flair of the day's ceremony. The saturated colors of these flowers stand out against the brilliant blue skies of Maui and add a delightful design component to your perfect Maui Wedding.

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Green, Pink and Yellow

Yup, green, pink, and yellow. That's what she asked for and look what she got: Another stunning design by Dellables with local flowers and ferns. If life is like a box of chocolates then getting your bouquet through Marry Me Maui is like a really pretty box of chocolates all wrapped up with color coordinated wrapping. Some of these funky florals we can't even identify but they sure are cool!

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Peace Hydrangeas
If you roll these Hydrangeas about 45 degrees counter clockwise you'll see a purple "Peace" sign. These are the types of fun and whimsical designs that have drawn us toward Della and her crew of creative artists. The purple flowers are hand dyed. Once again, all our wedding couple asked for was yellow and purple Hydrangeas. Nobody expected a blessing of Peace to be added!

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And here we have a melange of naturally occurring flowers and buds all tastefully arranged for the bride's pleasure.

There are limitless ideas for your wedding bouquet. Be sure to ask your Maui wedding planner where they get their bouquets and floral arrangements from. Some buy them at Safeway and some of us get them professionally designed by the creative artists who do this everyday.

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