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Makena Cove Wedding on Maui

Michelle and Ed chose Makena Cove (Secret Cove) for their Maui Wedding Ceremony . While no longer secret, Makena Cove is extraordinarily beautiful, the quintessential Maui beach with lush vegetation, palm trees and lava rock outcroppings and cliffs. With its westerly facing shoreline and the island of Kahoolawe across the channel, this location is the perfect spot to enjoy one of Maui's legendary sunsets. Marry Me Maui can book your wedding ceremony on Makena Cove however we do have some precautionary tales for our wedding couples that we like to share. First off, the beach is very small, we like to say it's cozy but this is not an ideal spot for large groups. While there are no official limits on how many people we can bring down to the Cove, we try to keep it at 5 and under. This beach is also subject to surges and high tides and may disappear without warning. Parking is also very limited here so no matter how many people you bring, car pooling is a must. While we

Planning your Maui wedding

There's plenty of Maui Wedding Planners. We offer different levels of service, pricing and amenities. The best place for a prospective couple to start is with a budget. Beach weddings are the least expensive type of wedding to have on Maui and there are many beaches to choose from. While Maui wedding planners are prohibited from using Kaanapali beach for ceremonies, there are many other locations that are just as beautiful and less crowded. We can never tell on any given day how crowded a beach will be but you can use some guidelines to help determine that. Weekends and holidays on Maui like any other place, are always busier so we try to schedule weekday weddings for the beach. The hour before sunset is also a good time to schedule a Maui beach wedding as most folks are getting ready to go back to their hotels for dinner at that time and beaches tend to clear out. We also try to book the ceremony on the larger beaches so that we have room to move since it is illegal to ask beach