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Planning your gay wedding on Maui

Or perhaps we should just call it "wedding". With the Supreme Court decision today legalizing same sex marriage all over the U.S., a wedding is now just a wedding. We are so pleased to see justice finally done and that our clients can now go back home after their wedding knowing that their union will be legally recognized in their home state. We have been planning and photographing same sex unions since Hawaii legislated "Civil Unions" a few years ago and more recently when Hawaii was ahead of the curve and legalized gay marriage. Those first few couples who took advantage of the civil union laws and came out to Maui are brave souls, pioneers who took vows in public even though it wasn't legal in the country, yet we never heard a discouraging word from anyone who might have been on the beach that day but instead the couple would be treated to applause from the few folks who might have been paying attention to the ceremony from afar. But all that is over now. Ma

Flower girls on Maui

If you are considering whether or not to invest a few bucks on a basket of flowers for your flower girl consider this: From my perspective as a photographer, this is one of those "keeper" shots you're going to want to have when your daughter is grown and has moved out, maybe thinking about her own wedding. Choosing your flower girl can be tricky, too young and they won't make it to where you are standing without assistance and if they manage to get down the aisle they may forget to toss the flowers. I would suggest anyone younger than 6 might not be the best choice but if you're feeling lucky, why not go for it anyway? So if you are wondering about whether or not to have a flower girl at your wedding...

A Maui beach wedding with Rob and Greg

Rob and Greg flew in to Maui for a romantic and relaxed Makena wedding on a beautiful spring day. Our favorite Maui wedding minister , Diana George, presided over the affair and the guys were just having a blast. One of our basic Maui wedding packages provided everything Rob and Greg needed at a reasonable price, including one of our Maui Photographers and full reproduction rights. The whole wedding lasted about an hour, right before sunset, and then they took off for a romantic dinner at one of Maui's fine south side restaurants. Marry Me Maui Wedding Planners has been performing and photographing weddings since 1989 and we have been doing civil unions and now Gay weddings since they became legal in Hawaii several years ago. Weddings on Maui's public beaches are pretty common and beachgoers tend to be very respectful of couples marrying on the beach. They may give you a hand when it's all over but we've never been bothered by anyone during the ceremony. Rob and Gre