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Maui Wedding Video

Maui wedding couples are often asking us if they can video their own wedding. Either a brother, friend or tripod will hold the camera and they will have a video of one of the single most important events of their lives, something to show their children in 10 or 20 years. Well of course you can, but what are you going to get out of it when you're done? Probably a horrible backlit shadow wedding filled with the noise of Maui's trade winds and the booming of the surf. Awesome sounds in the right proportion but what you want to hear on a video of your wedding is, well... your wedding! Wireless microphones make this possible and unless you're uncle is willing to pony up about 500.00 for the system and then attend a community college class in video production, you're better off hiring professionals who do it everyday. Our good friends, Mike and Melinda at Surefire Productions , have been producing professional wedding videos for years and our clients love them. With a profes

Hawaiian Weddings

Many wedding couples want sunset beach photos even when they're not getting married on the beach. For small groups of 10 or so, we can usually leave the venue after the formal portraits and drive to the nearest beach for some quick shots. When a larger group is involved, it's often best to book a separate Maui sunset portrait package for a day or two after the wedding. By doing this, the couple gets to spend the better part of an hour with the photographer doing beautiful sunset, beach and water shots in an unhurried fashion. It's a way to get the shots you want without adding extra stress to your wedding day. We can arrange for your Maui portrait session with our photographer.

Hawaii Wedding Packages

What's in a " Hawaiian Wedding Package " anyway? Usually there's a lei exchange and the minister will blow a conch shell to start and end the proceedings. You may request a slack key guitarist or ukulele player, maybe even a couple of hula dancers to do several beautiful dances for you before, during and after your wedding vows. Of course, there's a beautiful Maui Sunset and Photography. The Maui Wedding Photography offered by Marry Me Maui Wedding Planners is always professional, friendly and beautiful. Your online gallery can be shared with friends and family who were unable to make the trek to Maui and your leather album will be a keepsake for years to come. When you book with a planner, make sure the photographer has an extensive online portfolio and that she's the one who will be shooting your once in a lifetime event. Aloha.