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Maui Hawaii Wedding Planners

When considering a location for your romantic Maui wedding , don't overlook the many quality private venues available for your beachfront ceremony and reception. While having your toes in the Maui sand while reciting your wedding vows is very cool, there are many variables that your wedding planner cannot control. In the event of an unexpectedly crowded beach, rain or a winter storm that has washed away the shoreline, we have very few options in a public venue. A private venue, on the other hand, offers privacy, flexibility and "Plan B". We can procure many different venues, from 300 to 3000 dollars, which offer spectacular scenery, reception options, and flexibility. Before you tell yourself you can't afford it, consult with your wedding professional. You'll be surprised how far your dollars can go.

Maui Brides

Beach weddings can be very romantic as well as economical . While private venues charge for their lawn, a public beach is free with the exception of a right of entry permit which runs about 20 bucks. Some beaches have low palms, others have beautiful lava formations. Sometimes we take a little trek off the beaten path to hidden beaches that only the locals know about. Please feel free to ask us about them. If you want guaranteed privacy, a private venue is recommended. Either way, you can't go wrong on Maui, the number one island destination in the world.