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3 things to remember when booking your Maui Wedding

Ok, so there's really a million things to remember but there's 3 significant items you'll want to check on and be sure you get right before you book your Maui Wedding plans . 1)  Does your wedding planner actually live on the island of Maui? They may have the word "Hawaii" or "Maui" in the official name of their business but are actually in fact living in Colorado or California. Why is this a potential problem? Well for one thing, they won't be onsite for your wedding. They may have found a coordinator to show up and help arrange things but most likely it'll be the minister who answered the craigslist ad for your wedding who will be bringing the flowers, procuring the beach permit and arranging you and your guests at your location. Chances are the people actually providing the services at your wedding have never met the wedding coordinator or each other so communication may become an issue at some point. Always be sure to book a planner who li

The Best Time for your Maui Wedding: Morning or Sunset?

Our clients almost always ask us what is the perfect time of day for their Maui Wedding. There's no right or wrong answer to this question rather there's only your plans for the day and what kind of imagery you want to see from your Maui Wedding Photographer. The late afternoon, usually 1 hour before sunset, is our most popular time for our Maui Wedding celebrations. The light tends to soften, the temperatures cool a bit and the beach goers leave for their hotels and dinner. Of course, there's also that famous Maui sunset which is spectacular most of the time. Spectacular Maui Sunset Maui Sunset Wedding Photography Even on Maui the sunset is not guaranteed but it's a good bet you'll get some shots like the ones above when you schedule your Maui wedding for the late afternoon. One of the most common scheduling conflicts is the Luau. Most luau's begin around 4 or 5 pm so our luau clients want a ceremony at 3. Not a great idea, especially in the summe