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Morning Maui Wedding, Makena Cove

Marry Me Maui Wedding Planners has been running a morning special wedding package for a while now geared toward the couple who intends to elope to Maui yet still wants excellent imagery and professional service at a competitive price. Jessica and Dennis, 2 body builders from back east were our latest "special" couple and we had a magnificent morning at Makena Cove with only the Honu and the whales joining us for the ceremony. We got some beautiful shots of them and captured their love and commitment on the beach. Of course, we offer larger packages with more time for photography and larger groups but we are also offering smaller intimate packages with the same excellent service. So check out packages page linked above and enjoy the images we captured of Jessica and Dennis today!

The busy Maui Wedding Season, October

October brings the brides to Maui and this years is no exception. As we wind up for one of our busiest months we really have to reflect on how lucky we are to be working in such gorgeous environment with such happy clients! The month of October will see us in various semi private venues and different beaches around the island coordinating and photographing wedding parties of various sizes, from 2 to 50, at different times of the day. Sunset weddings are by far the most popular as the light softens and the sky turns blazing colors but our morning weddings are special too because all beaches face west and with the sun behind us we get those beep blue ocean colors in the background of your Maui Wedding Photography. We can set you up with a fine dinner party replete with a spectacular table setting created by one of Maui's most talented floral designers or we can do a simple toes-in-the-sand beach wedding at a remote location for just the two of you. Whatever you choose, Marry Me Mau…

Emma and YonSoo. A Maui Wedding at Kapalua Bay Beach

We seem to spend a lot of time at Kapalua Bay! This time it was with Emma and Yonsoo and a few family members celebrating their wedding with Rev. Ernest Pua'a leading the festivities and strumming some beautiful Hawaiian music on his ukulele. Emma chose one of our larger Maui Wedding Packages opting for an additional hour of Maui Photography along with a dvd slideshow. We started the shoot in Emma's room at the Royal Lahaina and then headed out to Kapalua Bay for the ceremony, about a 15 minute drive. State law prevents us from holding any weddings or photo shoots on Kaanapali Beach, where the Royal Lahaina sits, so Kapalua is the best and closest alternative. The 2 hour wedding package, Island Dreams, is perfect for a small group, especially if you are interested in getting some of those in room, pre-wedding images and the high resolution dvd slideshow with music that you can play on the widescreen at home for friends and family who couldn't be with you on your special da…

Maui Beach Weddings, Kihei / Wailea / Makena

Maui's south shore includes the resort areas of Kihei, Wailea and Makena. The further south you get, the more remote and less crowded the beaches become. South Maui offer excellent access to many fine beaches with western facing shores and gorgeous outer island views. The closest beach outside of the Wailea resort is Poolenalena Beach (Chang's) and is a favorite spot for our intimate and casual Maui Weddings. Amy and Craig got to enjoy a breezy and cool afternoon at Chang's this summer along with our minister Diana George and Maui Wedding Photographer Joe D'Alessandro. They chose one of our medium Maui Wedding Packages which included a full hour of photography and full reproduction rights for their digital files. We'd like to post a few of those images here as a taste of what we can do for you on you Maui Wedding day!

Planning your gay wedding on Maui

Or perhaps we should just call it "wedding". With the Supreme Court decision today legalizing same sex marriage all over the U.S., a wedding is now just a wedding. We are so pleased to see justice finally done and that our clients can now go back home after their wedding knowing that their union will be legally recognized in their home state. We have been planning and photographing same sex unions since Hawaii legislated "Civil Unions" a few years ago and more recently when Hawaii was ahead of the curve and legalized gay marriage. Those first few couples who took advantage of the civil union laws and came out to Maui are brave souls, pioneers who took vows in public even though it wasn't legal in the country, yet we never heard a discouraging word from anyone who might have been on the beach that day but instead the couple would be treated to applause from the few folks who might have been paying attention to the ceremony from afar. But all that is over now. M…

Flower girls on Maui

If you are considering whether or not to invest a few bucks on a basket of flowers for your flower girl consider this:
From my perspective as a photographer, this is one of those "keeper" shots you're going to want to have when your daughter is grown and has moved out, maybe thinking about her own wedding. Choosing your flower girl can be tricky, too young and they won't make it to where you are standing without assistance and if they manage to get down the aisle they may forget to toss the flowers. I would suggest anyone younger than 6 might not be the best choice but if you're feeling lucky, why not go for it anyway? So if you are wondering about whether or not to have a flower girl at your wedding...

A Maui beach wedding with Rob and Greg

Rob and Greg flew in to Maui for a romantic and relaxed Makena wedding on a beautiful spring day. Our favorite Maui wedding minister, Diana George, presided over the affair and the guys were just having a blast. One of our basic Maui wedding packages provided everything Rob and Greg needed at a reasonable price, including one of our Maui Photographers and full reproduction rights. The whole wedding lasted about an hour, right before sunset, and then they took off for a romantic dinner at one of Maui's fine south side restaurants. Marry Me Maui Wedding Planners has been performing and photographing weddings since 1989 and we have been doing civil unions and now Gay weddings since they became legal in Hawaii several years ago. Weddings on Maui's public beaches are pretty common and beachgoers tend to be very respectful of couples marrying on the beach. They may give you a hand when it's all over but we've never been bothered by anyone during the ceremony. Rob and Greg w…

6 things to consider when planning your Maui wedding

Being involved in the Maui wedding scene since 1987, we have had the experience of working with thousands of couples and dozens of wedding vendors both as photographers and wedding planners. Maui weddings haven't changed a whole lot in those years but there sure are a lot more options for couples wishing to elope to our spectacular island! The beaches are the same as they always were, pristine and beautiful but there are more private and semi-private options available, wedding planning packages, photography packages, videography, Maui wedding ministers, and a whole slew of options  to make your head spin. We thought it might be nice to have a handy guide on the 6 things you should consider when planning your Maui wedding.
1.  Accommodations:   There are 2 main resort areas on Maui; Kihei / Wailea / Makena on Maui's south side (30 minutes from the airport) and Lahaina / Kaanapali / Kapalua on the west side (45 minutes to 1 hour from the airport). Determining which location is …

Sunset Weddings on Maui

Maui's beaches are pristine environments where you can find colorful coral reefs, endangered green sea turtles, humpback whales and all manner of sea life. Nature was kind to Maui in that most of her beautiful accessible beaches face west, toward the sunset. This gives us an excellent opportunity to get the light gear out and take some fabulous, dramatic images of our clients as the sun sets over the horizon. The fading embers of sunset combined with the sea and the lava rocks are an enduring image of Hawaii that every Maui wedding couple should have in their wedding album. Since the sunset happens pretty quickly at these latitudes, we generally begin our 15 or 20 minute Maui wedding ceremonies about an hour before sunset, depending on the size of your group, which gives us plenty of time to photograph the ceremony, your friends and family, and then spend an ample amount of time with couple getting both daylight and sunset images. Marry Me Maui Wedding Planners puts their emphasi…
It's been a great start to a new year here on Maui for Marry Me Maui Wedding Planners. We've been booking new brides, coordinating and photographing old bookings and just generally having a great time. Winter on Maui is spectacular. The temperatures during the day are generally mild and breezy and the evenings are cool enough to require a light jacket if you're outdoors. The north shore is currently encountering a huge surf swell so it's also a good time to bring your surfboard and work on your high speed balance!

Megan and Evan spent an afternoon with us at one of our favorite beaches, Kapalua Bay, not too long ago, so we figured we'd go ahead and post some of the photos from that wedding. Kapalua is known for its beautiful sunsets, lava rock outcroppings and horseshoe shaped sandy beach, which is occasionally home to the rare Hawaiian Monk Seal during the winter months. With fuel prices down and airfares dropping, now is the time to book your Maui Wedding. We of…