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7 Floral Designs for your Maui Wedding

Our Maui wedding planners are always being asked about floral designs. We only use one designer and that's our good friends Della and Everett at Dellables. Della creates truly fantastic designs that our couples always love. There are plenty of choices, not just in flowers but in huppa arrangements, Haku Lei's, Bouquets, even Maile Ti Leis for the men. 

That's a two arrangement bamboo arch at Merriman's in Kapalua. We cut the arrangements off after the wedding and use them as a centerpiece for the dining table. Two uses for the price of one! There's an array of material available for the arch itself and the white fabric always adds a soft counterpoint to the bamboo. The couple typically stands in front of the arch which provides another adornment to the killer views at Merriman's.

Looking for bouquets for all the bridesmaids? We can do that. Check out the fresh designs above for all the special women at your wedding. Bridesmaid bouquets are typically smaller than …

Maui Weddings: Sunset can be a stunning time for your ceremony.

Maui skies can light up like fireworks on the fourth of July sometimes. Even after the sun sets, the colors just seem to keep on going, changing and getting deeper in color as time passes. We had such a sunset yesterday with Melissa and David right after their Maui Beach wedding ceremony at Paipu beach in Makena. The colors were spectacular and we were their with the Nikon to capture it. Folks always ask us when is the best time to plan their Maui Wedding. We are happy to do it in the morning or evening as each time of day presents a different, unique palette to work with. The afternoon light gets softer as it gets later while the morning light is more blue and sharper yielding a bright blue ocean and more defined shadows. While we can't always guarantee a spectacular sunset, Maui is usually generous with her evening light show. We love watching what the light will do and our passion is capturing our wedding couples with Maui in the background in all her glory. Call your professi…

6 items that should be on your Maui Wedding Checklist

Maui Wedding Checklist

Maui offers many different options for planning your wedding. Listed below are a number of considerations you might want to check into while planning your wedding. This is not a comprehensive list but a sketchbook of sorts that will give you direction and lead you to consider other possibilities you may not have thought of. Please take your time as you go through this list and do some internet searches to answer the questions. Of course, your budget is probably the most important bit of information to have when planning your Maui wedding.

1) Budget for your wedding:

Wedding Ceremony

2) Location. There are 2 main resort areas on Maui: Kihei/Wailea/Makena and Lahaina/ Kaanapali/Kapalua. These areas are about a 1 hour drive away from each other so your group should attempt to stay in the same area as the wedding. Research the different areas or ask your wedding planner about the pro’s and con’s of each one.

3) Wedding Venue.…

Maui Weddings: How and when to rock the floral arch

Huppa's or arches with floral designs and fabric are always a favorite for a well heeled Maui wedding. The well designed arch provides a classy backdrop for a romantic ceremony overlooking the Pacific ocean and the other islands surrounding Maui. While we can't provide arches for our Maui beach weddings anymore, there are numerous spectacular private and semi private locations that are perfect for this bit of glamorous staging! Our professionally designed arches come with one, two or three gorgeous floral arrangements that will match your Maui wedding bouquet. After the ceremony we will cut those arrangements off the arch and place them on your table for your reception dinner. This way you get two uses for the price of one! Your Maui wedding coordinators can advise you of your options regarding private and semi private locations. The semi private locations have lawns overlooking the ocean, ample parking and a restaurant on location. If you don't mind sharing your receptio…

Maui Beach Weddings: What you need to know

So, you've decided to get Maui'd on a beach alongside the deep blue Pacific Ocean with your bare feet in the sand and the wind in your hair. There might be a few people in your family who aren't outwardly excited about this, they think you ought to stay home, rent the VFW hall, invite half the town and blow enough of your honeymoon budget to make a tent at Mesa Verde on your wedding night seem almost out of reach! But deep down inside they're just waiting for an offer they can't refuse: A Maui Beach Wedding that they HAVE to attend! They can't refuse, they know they will have to go and with a little luck, they just might have the time of their lives. With the money you save on all those "chicken or beef" dinners, you can get an oceanfront room in Wailea and go swimming with the sea turtles. Maybe jump half naked into a fresh water pool fed by a waterfall, hike through a bamboo rain forest and fall asleep in a hammock under the stars between two palm …

Morning Maui Beach Wedding with Marry Me Maui: Rosiel and Charles

Chang's Beach, AKA Poolenalena beach, lies on the edge of Wailea at the start of Makena. This wide swath of white sandy beach provides a beautiful backdrop for our Maui wedding couples and a great location for swimming, body boarding or just checking out the ubiquitous green sea turtles. Mornings here are crisp, the sand is still cool but the sun will rise quickly and even in the winter it can be quite warm here so we try to start our Morning Maui Beach Weddings early! There are no Hotels on Poolenalena beach so there's usually plenty of room for us to find some privacy for our clients. If it is crowded, we can just walk the path to the north and try our luck at "Secrets" or Paipu beach, another long white sandy beach with spectacular scenery, lava rock outcroppings and coconut palm trees. Rosiel and Charles booked our Morning Special Wedding package for their ceremony at Poolenalena a few weeks ago. Their love and dedication for each other was obvious and we were h…

A Morning Maui Wedding at Makena Cove

Some folks like to get up early and start the day with a wedding ceremony. I know we do! Hitting the beach when the sand is still moist and cool and the sun hasn't gotten high enough to cause deep shadows is a magical experience. The beaches are generally empty in the early AM and if it is Makena Cove we are talking about, well, that is an extra special experience. Audrey and Sebastien brought their 2 little ones along for our Morning Special Maui Wedding Package at Makena Cove a few weeks ago. We had a perfect cloudless morning with very little wind to mess the hair and that super deep blue sky and ocean that is a Maui trademark. The Rev. Laki Kaahumanu performed his usual robust wedding ceremony complete with ukulele and the photography was handled by Maui Wedding Photographer Joe D'Alessandro. We love to perform these short and sweet little ceremonies under a vibrant blue sky for those couples who are eloping and want a romantic memory to share without all the stress and h…

5 Things you need to know about your Maui destination wedding plans

Whether it's just the two of you eloping to Maui or it's an entire entourage of friends and family, there are 5 things that you need to know going into your Maui wedding. There's a ton of websites filled with services and often more is not better.

1) Set a budget. You can't even begin to look at websites until you've set your wedding budget. You budget should include airfare, hotel, meals, transportation, entertainment and the wedding itself. 5 star resorts on the best beaches start at $500.00/night. Your basic VRBO studio 10 minutes from the beach should be around $75.00. Big Maui condo complexes like Kamaole Sands in Kihei run around $250.00 per night and are right across the street from the beach. Once you've figured airfare from your hometown along with your accommodations, rental car and $100.00/day for meals for 2, you can pretty much figure out your wedding budget.

2) Decide on the type of venue you want for your wedding. Toes in the sand Maui beach wed…

A Maui wedding celebration at Kapalua Bay: Kayla and Zach

We're still blown away by the sheer magnificence of Kapalua Bay even after all these years of coordinating and photographing our wonderful Maui wedding clients at this spectacular beach. Couples are drawn to K-Bay over and over again, some of them booking us for a vow renewal on the same beach they were married on years earlier! It's really amazing what the ambience of Kapalua Bay will do for people. Even if the bride is overwrought or anxious, when they come around the bend from under the tunnel and see that beautiful horseshoe shaped bay revealed, they instantly calm down and are astounded by the sheer beauty of their wedding venue. Kayla and Zach were our latest Kapalua Bay wedding couple and they were no less impressed than the rest of our clients. With the coconut grove and thick green lawn behind the white sand beach and sparkling blue ocean, Kapalua Bay provides the seminal island backdrop for your Maui Wedding Ceremony. From late afternoon up to the dramatic sunset ma…

3 Things NOT to do when you're getting married on Maui

Clients are always asking us what they should be doing to prepare for their Maui Wedding. Well, that's our job, getting everything prepared for that special day and we always tell them what they need to do and give them suggestions for events and restaurants etc. One thing they never ask is what they shouldn't be doing in preparation for their Maui Wedding day so we decided to put a short list of three "dont's" together for the education of those new to our magnificent island.

1) DON'T check the 10 day weather forecast incessantly. There's an old saying on Maui; if you don't like the weather wait 10 minutes! Weather on Maui generally consists of passing showers which blow through in a couple of minutes and drop a small amount of rain, we call it "liquid sunshine". If your weather app is showing rain for your wedding day, check out the amount of rain expected, it's generally in the 1/10 to 1/4 inch range. Hardly a reason to panic! Rain t…

A Maui Beach Wedding at Napili Bay

As is typical of repeat Maui visitors, Megan and Ben along with their ohana were full of Aloha and warm wishes at their wedding ceremony overlooking beautiful Napili Bay. Generally, when we are on the west side of Maui we typically plan our Maui Weddings at Kapalua Bay, which is just a parking lot away but since Megan and Ben had this killer vacation rental overlooking Napili Bay and since the management of this laid back resort were so kind, we performed their wedding ceremony on a grassy knoll overlooking the beach. We had the Rev. Diana George perform the ceremony and Maui Wedding Photography was handled by Joe D'Alessandro. Here's what Megan had to say about her maui wedding photography the other day:
"They all look so beautiful. Thank you so much for rushing to get them back to us! :) Everyone will love to see them at our reception this month. Thanks again!! -Megan and Ben"
That's right, we even rushed the images out to Megan and Ben because they were having a …

Marry Me Maui Reviews

Another client just had to leave another 5 star Marry Me Maui review on wedding wire. We'll let them take it from here:

"My experience with Maui Me was phenomenal. From the very first phone call to the follow up emails after the wedding, they didn't miss a beat! Co was quick to respond to all my questions, and handled everything for us. Andrea came to my room for hair and makeup, and I honestly couldn't have been more pleased. The photographer Joe was easy going, while obviously professional. Our officiant, Kimo gave us a great ceremony with some island flavor! Most importantly we had so much fun. It felt almost like we were all just friends, totally stress free. I loved every minute of our day and wouldn't have changed a thing!!" Tracy. 

Contact us now: 1-808-242-1100
Marry Me Maui performed a wedding at the Mana Kai Resort on Keawakapu Beach the other day with a very special couple, Amy and Spewncer, who live in China and were wanting a hassle free destination wedding on Maui for a small group of close friends and family. I'll let Amy do the talking:

Co and Joe were wonderful. My husband and I actually live in China and wanted a destination wedding in Maui. We accidentally found them online and liked their package so we decided to go with them. Co helped us get everything set up and made sure every detail was what we wanted. Co sent us a very detailed itinerary to make sure we got to know the process well and companied us through the whole ceremony. Joe was very professional when taking our photos and we look forward to seeing all the fantastic photos. We were very pleased with everything and will definitely recommend them to anybody who wants a stressless wedding in Hawaii. Thank you again, Amy and Spencer 
You can find that review…

3 things to remember when booking your Maui Wedding

Ok, so there's really a million things to remember but there's 3 significant items you'll want to check on and be sure you get right before you book your Maui Wedding plans.

1)  Does your wedding planner actually live on the island of Maui? They may have the word "Hawaii" or "Maui" in the official name of their business but are actually in fact living in Colorado or California. Why is this a potential problem? Well for one thing, they won't be onsite for your wedding. They may have found a coordinator to show up and help arrange things but most likely it'll be the minister who answered the craigslist ad for your wedding who will be bringing the flowers, procuring the beach permit and arranging you and your guests at your location. Chances are the people actually providing the services at your wedding have never met the wedding coordinator or each other so communication may become an issue at some point. Always be sure to book a planner who live…

The Best Time for your Maui Wedding: Morning or Sunset?

Our clients almost always ask us what is the perfect time of day for their Maui Wedding. There's no right or wrong answer to this question rather there's only your plans for the day and what kind of imagery you want to see from your Maui Wedding Photographer. The late afternoon, usually 1 hour before sunset, is our most popular time for our Maui Wedding celebrations. The light tends to soften, the temperatures cool a bit and the beach goers leave for their hotels and dinner. Of course, there's also that famous Maui sunset which is spectacular most of the time.

Even on Maui the sunset is not guaranteed but it's a good bet you'll get some shots like the ones above when you schedule your Maui wedding for the late afternoon. One of the most common scheduling conflicts is the Luau. Most luau's begin around 4 or 5 pm so our luau clients want a ceremony at 3. Not a great idea, especially in the summer when mid afternoon temperatures can reach 92 to 94. The sand is ho…