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Destination Weddings

Fear and loathing of the current economic crisis gives rise to opportunity. A destination wedding in Maui can be the perfect solution to the big wedding  blues that many couples are experiencing. For a fraction of the cost of that hometown wedding with a guest list of 200 and a nerve shattering reception, a bride and groom can get away to Maui's pristine beaches for an incredible wedding experience coupled with a world class honeymoon. We have many reasonably priced wedding packages that include professional  photography online galleries and wedding albums. The best part of your Maui wedding is the location: Sandy beaches with tropical sunsets and the best part is they're free. Airline prices are dropping and five star hotels are offering cut rates to draw business. The requirements for a marriage license in Hawaii are minimal, unlike the Caribbean or Mexico, third world countries that lack the infrastructure and amenities of the US. So check our Maui wedding s website. Compa