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Maui Wedding Dress

Brooke and Clint got Maui'd on our favorite Makena Beach. It was a beautiful, cool afternoon with puffy clouds, a nice breeze and a fantastic sunset. Brooke wore a spectacular gown while Clint went casual with a lightweight white shirt, This is probably the best way to dress for an outdoor Maui wedding. Black Tux's, while very stylish and one might say even sexy, get a groom pretty hot, especially under a Maui sun. Temperatures can hit 88 degrees even in Winter, so keep it light!

Maui Hawaii Weddings

Believe it or not, once in a great while it rains here on Maui. I'm not talking about the passing showers we all get used to but a Kona storm that rolls in and stays for a week wreaking havoc, flooding roads and cutting off power. Fortunately, it happens rarely and we can usually find a beach, in Lahaina most likely, where there's little to no rain. We're flexible like that. Tanya and Stace faced such a dilemma the other day. It was raining in Kapalua so we moved the wedding to Lahaina Baby beach and had a spectacular afternoon, no rain, soft light, calm waters. Tanya and Stace also brought their baby Brooklyn with them so it was all totally apropos. Here's a couple of photos from their wedding. Thanks guys for being flexible and rolling with it.