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Maui Wedding of Heather and Brad in Wailea Maui

Imagery is a basic component of every wedding package that we book. Not only are we professional wedding planners but we are also professional photographers with 25 years of experience shooting professionally on Maui and the mainland. One of the services we like to offer to our clients is the DVD slideshow. These slideshows are high definition and make an excellent alternative to a video production when there are budget constraints. The following DVD slideshow is from Heather and Brad's Maui Wedding in Wailea at Mulligans on the Blue, a spectacular golf course setting only a minute or two from one of Maui's best beaches. If you'd like to discuss your Maui wedding plans with us just click on our Maui Wedding Planners link!

Morning Wedding on Maui at Kapalua Bay

Our last post discussed late morning wedding options for those of you who like to sleep in. For those of you who enjoy waking up early, we present Cassandra and Klaudia's morning wedding ceremony at Kapalua Bay. Arriving a bit before 8am we are greeted by birds and a nice cool breeze, light cloud cover and a spectacular blue ocean. Most of the beach goers are still eating breakfast or getting the kids packed up to go so in most cases, at 8AM, we have the beach pretty much to ourselves. Now why would you put yourself and family members through an early morning wake up call? Well, one reason might be if you plan to go to a luau after your ceremony. While the luaus usually start around 1 or 2 hours before sunset, you'll have the entire day to lounge around and relax after your morning ceremony! If you're on the west side, Kapalua Bay offers a stunning beach with cliffs, deep blue ocean, turtles and Coconut Grove, a beautiful grassy area mauka of the beach where we can take yo

Maui Wedding at Gannon's Wailea

Morning comes early around here and we generally like to get our Maui morning beach weddings started by 8AM in order to beat the beachgoers, snorkelers and toddlers that generally arrive by 9:30AM. 8AM might seem a bit early, especially if that means you're getting your in room hair and makeup at 5am, but the results are worthwhile and some people are early risers anyway. Don't forget, if you're from the east coast, with the time difference, 8am is really more like 1 or 2 in the afternoon! For those couples who don't want a 5am stylist appointment there's a couple of semi private venues we like to use for a later, more laid back morning wedding ceremony. Emily and Jeremy were one such couple who preferred a 10AM start time and wanted to use Gannon's in Wailea. The reason we are suggesting a place like Gannon's for a late morning wedding is that aside from the spectacular view and ono grinds, there's plenty of parking and we don't have to jockey for

Maui Gay Wedding in Makena, South Maui

Denise and Shannon contacted us to help them with their August wedding on Maui. They liked the images on our website along with our Maui wedding package pricing and were eager to get started. Their plans were for an intimate beach wedding and since they were staying in the Kihei area of Maui we directed them to Poolenalena beach in Makena, a rural, sparsely populated area just south of the Wailea resort which is dotted with beautiful, intimate beaches and very few condo's or resorts. From Palauea beach (White Rock) to Paako Cove (Secret Cove), Makena offers several pristine beaches that are appropriate for your Maui wedding. Poolenalena (Chang's beach) is probably the largest of the group and it has a narrow path to the north leading to Paipu Beach (Secret Beach), a rather remote swath of sand which is also a favorite spot of ours. The afternoon of Denise and Shannon's wedding was a bit cloudy, which in August is a good thing because it keeps the temperatures down, and th

Jennifer and Andrew, A Maui Wedding in Makena

Poolenalena beach is a quarter mile swath of sand in Makena with virtually no buildings on its perimeter. The beach is shallow and the waves are generally small and placid making this a perfect spot for family gatherings, fishing and of course, Maui Weddings . Nestled between the Wailea Resort and the rural setting of Makena, Chang's (the local name for Poolenalena) is the perfect spot for our larger wedding parties who desire a toes in the sand beach wedding on Maui. World renowned restaurants populate the Wailea / Makena area like the honu's (turtles) in the ocean, a mere 2 or 3 minute drive away. If you are staying in the resort area of Wailea or the bustling town of Kihei, with its numerous condominiums and vacation rentals, Chang's is the perfect spot for your Maui Wedding. Jennifer and Andrew had their Wedding ceremony here on a rather cloudy day, which kept the temperatures nice and cool and were fortunate enough to enjoy a spectacular Maui sunset as the sun popped

Maui Wedding Planners, Kapalua Bay

We generally perform our Maui Weddings just before sunset but Momoe and Matt wanted to use the morning light at Kapalua Bay for their nuptials so we gladly accommodated them. We started our photography session in Momoe's room at Kaanapali Shores and then moved on to Kapalua for the ceremony. Reverend Kimo performed the ceremony while Ernest Pua'a provided the chicken-skin producing Hawaiian soundtrack on his custom ukulele. Cake and a cider toast rounded out this splendid ceremony on a beautiful Maui morning. From the limousine to the cake, photography and anything else you need to have a wedding as beautiful as Momoe and Matt's give the professionals at Marry Me Maui Wedding Planners a call!  

Maui Weddings at Gannon's Wailea

Tiffany and Sergio celebrated their wedding vows with us last night at Wailea's beautiful Gannon's lower wedding knoll with about 40 friends and family on a gorgeous Maui afternoon. Maui Wedding Planners Marry Me Maui were on hand to coordinate and photograph this sublime ceremony with Reverend Diana George and our favorite Maui musician Charles Nahale who mesmerized the gathering with a chicken skin producing version of The Hawaiian Wedding song among other selections. The beach is just across the street so we took the couple down after the ceremony and family portraits for some beach photography and another fabulous Maui sunset. For your Maui wedding needs, whether it's full planning services or just photography click on one of the links to Marry Me Maui .

Maui Gay Wedding Planners

Christopher and Daniel's Gay wedding on Maui was performed yesterday by Reverand Kimo on beautiful Baby Beach in Lahaina. It was a very simple and heartfelt ceremony, just the two of them, with a couple of gorgeous maile ti lies. It had been raining on Maui for a couple of days with wind and gray skies but after this ceremony the clouds broke and we had the opportunity to view another fabulous Maui sunset. Funny thing about the rain, which is pretty rare on Maui, is that people tend to stay away from the beaches so we had Baby Beach pretty much to ourselves. Thanks to Daniel and Christopher, a very warm and loving couple, for letting us be part of your Maui Wedding !

Maui Wedding Planners and Professional Photographers

Since your Maui Wedding Photography is one of the keepsakes that lasts forever from your Maui Wedding, we thought we'd post a few shots from our recent Soirees here on the Valley Isle. Our beaches are No ka o'i and the sunsets are spectacular. While we do perform morning ceremonies, the vast majority of our Maui wedding ceremonies occur during that magical hour before the sun goes down into the Pacific ocean. So if you're thinking of a Maui wedding, please give us a call or drop us an email! Marry Me Maui Wedding Planners .

Maui Wedding Planners, Danielle & Ken, Kaanapali, Maui

Danielle and Ken's Maui wedding was performed at a spectacular hotel on Kaanapali Beach in January 2014. With a rather large group of friends and family, Danielle and Ken chose this well manicured lawn with Lana'i in the background so that their guests could relax in chairs and also so that they could have a beautiful arch for the background. Since Danielle and Ken wanted a Luau for their reception, we used the same hotel where the Luau is performed and scheduled the timing so that we could drive up to Kapalua Bay for the beach shots prior to the reception since Kaanapali Beach is off limits to commercial photography vendors. Private and semi private venues offer ample parking and the option of chairs and arches, amenities that are not allowed on any of Maui's beaches. Marry Me Maui Wedding Planners provided cake service for the entire group and we escorted the family to the Luau grounds. After the ceremony we took the floral arrangements off the arch and placed them on