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When to book a semi private venue for your Maui Wedding

Beach weddings on Maui offer a unique opportunity for couples who want to be out in nature, in beautiful surroundings. Bare toes in the sand, the ocean a mere few feet away and the breeze caressing your face are all good reasons to do the ceremony on the beach. Plus, it's free! There are times however where a private or semi private Maui wedding venue is a much better choice for you and your guests. When we are doing the planning for groups of 30 or more, we will never recommend a public beach. Here's why:  As you may know, the state of Hawaii does not allow us to place chairs, arches, huppas, tiki torches etc. on a public beach. When we have 30 or more people on a beach, they are standing all over the place. Often they wander behind the bride and groom to get some pictures which can interfere with your photographers' ability to get the shots you are paying her for. Without clear boundaries, guests may move in to occupy the spot the photographer was using a moment ago