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Maui Wedding Photographers

Imagery is very important to us. At Marry Me Maui Wedding Planners , we take great pains to create fabulous, dynamic wedding images that you'll cherish forever. Our in house Maui wedding photographe r has 23 years of experience here on Maui, always brings an assistant/second shooter, and knows how to put the couple at ease for a fun and creative shoot. Flowers are an integral part of the day. Our custom Maui floral designer , Dellables, creates insane bouquets to your specifications, They can do arches, flower circles, petal aisles, pretty much anything you desire for your day. Della is a breeze to work with and attentive to every detail. These vendors are just part of the team we use to create beautiful and memorable Maui Weddings . They exemplify the professionalism and creativity we put into every Maui Wedding .

Why a Professional Photographer?

"I have a friend who will be doing the photography..." We hear this every once in a while when folks contact us to book a professionally produced Maui wedding package . It's always great to get the photography of your once in a lifetime event for free, or is it? There are many challenges to shooting a Maui wedding. Timing is the first that comes to mind. When the sun starts to drop out here by the equator it goes fast. A professional, who has been shooting Maui sunset weddings for decades, knows how to squeeze every second out of that short time frame. A seasoned professional will bring an assistant, lights, diffusers and reflectors, and know how to us them and when. Placement of the couple and minister during the ceremony, formal portraits, staged shots of the couple at sunset, etc. A 6 hour wedding shoot is very demanding and your photographer should know how much work it is. Then there's the issue of your friend wanting to enjoy themselves during the festivities.