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Maui Wedding Photography

When our couples first contact us, they usually tell us about the beauty of the Maui wedding photography on our website. We love that because we are also professional photographers and we love what we do. A few things about professional photography should be discussed. Some brides are bringing "a friend who's a photographer". That's great. You should have the friend photograph the other friends and family while the day unfolds to get those background shots that are so much fun. Leave the wedding ceremony and formal portraits/sunset session to the professionals who live and work on Maui and know how to deal with all the challenges an outdoor shoot in Maui creates. We have a team that works with off camera lighting, reflectors and diffusers, to create a magazine look to the imagery. We know how the timing goes and won't miss the sunset, which here by the equator happens real fast. We use our in house photographer for all our weddings. He works 3 to 5 weddings a wee

Maui Weddings

Many brides will ask us when is the best time to schedule their Maui wedding . This is a very important question. Couples from the mainland are sometimes surprised to hear that temperatures on Maui in the middle of the day can reach 85 degrees, even in February. Not the best time to do an outdoor ceremony. We generally try to wait to do the ceremony an hour to an hour and a half before sunset, depending on the size of the party. By this time, the beaches are beginning to thin out and the temperature is starting to cool. Since most ceremonies take about 15 minutes, this timing leaves us plenty of time for those killer Maui wedding images our clients are after. Toward sunset, the light begins to soften and the temperature cools. The soft evening breeze calms down and sunset settles in. Sunset happens fast here. The term "golden hour" was obviously coined on the mainland. on Maui it's more like the "golden half hour", which is why it's so important to hire a s