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Maui Beach Wedding Permits

 We were interviewed on Australian radio about the recent appeals ruling by the 9th circuit court regarding beach wedding rules implemented by the state of Hawaii several years ago. We have written previously about the rules and since they are now the law of the land we thought we'd follow up. As Maui beach weddings have become more popular, the state of Hawaii decided to limit, to a certain extent, the types of props wedding planners could use during a ceremony. The new rules also demanded that Maui Wedding Planners obtain liability insurance. The insurance requirement is a good one for couples planning a Maui wedding. It protects them and the state and is something you might want to ask your planner about. If they don't have the insurance, they can't legally perform a wedding on Maui's beaches. The appeals ruling actually protects the couple. Previously, the state reserved the right to revoke a permit at any time, which meant that if your planner was out o