Why a Full Service Maui Wedding Planner?

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We all want to save a few bucks when we can, there's nothing wrong with that, but what may seem to be a deal today may turn out to be a burden tomorrow. Take our florals for instance. Our custom Maui floral designer will not only create a brilliant and beautiful full bouquet for your wedding day, we guarantee it will be fresh. Flowers are very perishable; a day or two in the fridge can ruin a bouquet. Why should you care? Because if you ordered it from a retail florist and the event should be delayed due to weather or rough seas, they will charge you to make a fresh bouquet. We will not. There's a common misperception that a wedding planner is more expensive than doing it yourself. If there's a glitch in your plans or some unforeseen circumstance that you can't handle because you are on vacation, it may wind up costing you double. Always work with the professionals who know the island and the vendors. You'll be glad you did.

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