Hair and Makeup Services for your Maui Wedding

One of the services we always like to provide to our brides is in room hair and makeup. There's going to be a lot of activity going on during your wedding day and giving yourself time to have one of our professional stylists do your hair and makeup is one of the best investments you can make. Our stylists have 20 plus years of experience and will come to your room. If you have a bridesmaid or two, the stylist can work their hair also. 

It's important to have your hair done for your Maui wedding because the trade winds, which make Maui's weather so moderate, always blow and during your professional photo shoot, you don't want your hair blowing in your face! In addition to the hair, the professional makeup services we provide will insure that you look your best during the wedding and the photo shoot. Some brides want to do the hair themselves or have a friend do it but we suggest our stylists because we want your wedding day to be stress free. Depending on your accommodations there may be a salon in your hotel or 10 minutes from your condo but you'll have to make the appointment and leave your room when for about the same cost, you can have our professionals do that service in your room. They don't serve champagne in the salon's but you can have some with your closest friends and family in your room while our stylists take care of you! It's fun, convenient and reasonably priced so why not pamper yourself on your wedding day? You deserve it.

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