Wedding Planning on Maui

Cachina and Neal took a break from their hectic professional lives in Georgia and spent an afternoon with us in Maui taking their wedding vows and kicking up their heels at a spectacular south Maui venue. Their extended family came out with them to celebrate their wedding in style. Cachina and Neal pulled out all the stops, with flowers, music, in room hair and makeup, a professional DJ and a fabulous 5 course meal prepared by one of Maui's premier chefs. When you compare this exotic celebration to your typical hometown wedding, you'll find the prices are comparable except that you get to have your honeymoon on the most sought after island destination in the world. We can help with all this planning. Our professional vendors are the best on Maui, the venues the most beautiful, the food is sumptuous and the photography exceptional.

We are here to help with your Maui wedding plans. Call us toll free at 1.800.745.0344 or drop us an email at

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