The Best Time for your Maui Wedding: Morning or Sunset?

Our clients almost always ask us what is the perfect time of day for their Maui Wedding. There's no right or wrong answer to this question rather there's only your plans for the day and what kind of imagery you want to see from your Maui Wedding Photographer. The late afternoon, usually 1 hour before sunset, is our most popular time for our Maui Wedding celebrations. The light tends to soften, the temperatures cool a bit and the beach goers leave for their hotels and dinner. Of course, there's also that famous Maui sunset which is spectacular most of the time.

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Spectacular Maui Sunset

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Maui Sunset Wedding Photography

Even on Maui the sunset is not guaranteed but it's a good bet you'll get some shots like the ones above when you schedule your Maui wedding for the late afternoon. One of the most common scheduling conflicts is the Luau. Most luau's begin around 4 or 5 pm so our luau clients want a ceremony at 3. Not a great idea, especially in the summer when mid afternoon temperatures can reach 92 to 94. The sand is hot and the beach is crowded with half naked people. When our clients tell us they want a luau reception we recommend the morning wedding. We like to start these at 8am and since most of you are coming from back east that could be anywhere from 10am to 1pm your time, which means you'll be well rested and ready for a 6am hair and makeup appointment. There's nobody on the beach at that hour and the temps are still cool. The best thing about a Morning wedding ceremony on Maui is the light:

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Blowing the conch, Makena Cove Maui

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Maui Wedding Ceremony, Marry Me Maui

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Makena Cove Morning Wedding

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Ring Exchange at Makena Cove Beach Wedding

Lucky Maui Wedding Couple

We can capture those deep blues and blacks of the lava rocks, ocean and sky without worrying about other visitors scuttling back and forth behind the couple. The sand is still cool and the temps haven't peaked yet although they will get close to 85 by 930AM. We have special morning packages perfect for the couple who wishes to elope but we can also provide our full wedding planning packages for your Morning wedding on Maui. Just call to talk story 1-808-242-1100! Mahalo!!

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