A Maui wedding celebration at Kapalua Bay: Kayla and Zach

We're still blown away by the sheer magnificence of Kapalua Bay even after all these years of coordinating and photographing our wonderful Maui wedding clients at this spectacular beach. Couples are drawn to K-Bay over and over again, some of them booking us for a vow renewal on the same beach they were married on years earlier! It's really amazing what the ambience of Kapalua Bay will do for people. Even if the bride is overwrought or anxious, when they come around the bend from under the tunnel and see that beautiful horseshoe shaped bay revealed, they instantly calm down and are astounded by the sheer beauty of their wedding venue. Kayla and Zach were our latest Kapalua Bay wedding couple and they were no less impressed than the rest of our clients. With the coconut grove and thick green lawn behind the white sand beach and sparkling blue ocean, Kapalua Bay provides the seminal island backdrop for your Maui Wedding Ceremony. From late afternoon up to the dramatic sunset make sure your Maui wedding coordinators include Kapalua Bay on their list of preferred venues. Marry Me Maui wedding planners love to perform weddings on Kapalua Bay beach so if you are staying on the west side of Maui: Lahaina, Kaanapali, Kahana or Kapalua, be sure to put this fantastic beach on your short list of Maui beach wedding venues. 808-242-1100

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