Thursday, April 7, 2016

Your Maui Wedding Day at Makena

Beaches, Beaches, Beaches! We have lots of them here on Maui; small, rocky, soft sandy, protected coves, big waves, pretty much anything you want for your dramatic backdrop we have and most of them are on the south side of Maui in the beautiful, currently unspoiled area of Makena. Once home to thousands of native Hawaiians, the Makena area is rich in history and unparalleled in beauty.

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Maluaka Beach Makena Maui
The rocky coastline rises out of the ocean and gives way to Dryland forest in an area that gets very little rain but boasts dozens of miles of beach, fishponds, tidal pools, snorkeling spots and of course, the occasional golf course and hotel. Fronting the Makena Beach and Golf Resort you'll find Maluaka Beach, a mid-sized gem with a gentle slope out in the water, a green grassy park and a beautiful palm tree lined avenue for walking with your best friend.

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Tree lined Avenue at Maluaka Beach, Makena Maui
Beyond the Makena Beach and Golf Resort is an unspoiled, wild area of south Maui with a tight one lane road and the gem of Maui: Big Beach State Park. While we don't do weddings at Big Beach, the next perfect spot is Makena Cove, just south of Big Beach this small cozy cove offers some of Maui's most spectacular wedding scenery and has been featured in a number of national advertising campaigns. Whatever beach you choose, your South Maui beach wedding will be sure to include spectacular Maui Wedding Photography. So get in touch with Marry Me Maui Wedding planners and let us plan your dream beach wedding. 1-808-242-1100

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Lovers on the beach

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

The I Do's Have it! Maui Beach Wedding Bliss at Kapalua Bay.

Looking for a fun and casual way to celebrate your wedding ceremony that won't break the bank but still offers romantic amenities and professional imagery? Do you need a location that will blow you away yet still is a short walk from the parking lot? How about a coconut grove in addition to a spectacular beach, just for grins? Well, we have that location here on Maui at it's called Kapalua Bay Beach, a beautiful crescent beach with white sand, black lava rocks and enough sea turtles to ensure you witness one of these incredible creatures during your visit there.

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Sara & Shannon, Kapalua Bay
 Wedding packages run the gamut, from expensive 5 star resorts to the basic vows on the beach, Maui offers something for everyone. Marry Me Maui Wedding Planners offers reasonably priced full service wedding packages that include custom bouquets and professional photography all at locations like this:

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Rev. Diana George
Our ministers have been on island for years and have officiated wedding ceremonies for hundreds of couples. Sara and Shannon came all the way from down under to get a taste of the fine locations a Maui ceremony offers here at Kapalua Bay. Rev. Diana George performed our ceremony while Maui Wedding Photographer Joe D'Alessandro photographed the couple and provided them with high res. imagery and full reproduction rights.

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Love in the Afternoon
There are numerous beaches on Maui available for your beach wedding. We certainly know all of them and will steer you in the proper direction regarding the number of guests you have, the type of topography you like, which side of the island you are staying on and the time of day you choos for your wedding. We always recommend either 8 or 8:30AM or the hour or hour and a half before sunset. If you're staying on the westside; Lahaina / Kaanapali / Kapalua, we always recommend Kapalua Bay.

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Spectacular Maui Sunset
If this looks like something you want to experience please visit our website and check out our reasonably priced Maui Wedding Packages. We also offer additional amenities like circle of flowers, limo's, dove releases, etc. You'll be surprised how easy it is to find yourself getting Maui'd!

Sunday, April 3, 2016

5 reasons to plan a Maui Beach Wedding

Actually, there' plenty more than 5 reasons but for the sake of brevity I thought I'd distill this article down to the 5 Main reasons you should plan a Maui Beach Wedding instead of doing the old style church wedding and reception for a couple of hundred people back home. Don't forget, you can always throw a party later!

1) Maui is a world class destination. Named #1 island in the world by Conde Naste travelers over the last 30 or so years, Maui provides some of the most spectacular scenery, beaches hotels and activities of any island in Hawaii. Our rural nature leaves plenty of open space and stunning vistas to enjoy as you travel the island experiencing all the adventures Maui has to offer. From farm to table tours upcountry to Powered Hangliding in Hana, Maui offers something for everyone at a relaxed slowed down pace. 

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Maluaka Beach Wedding
2) Maui beaches are no ka o'i (the best). From dark sand to white sand and everything in between, Maui offers some of the most spectacular and pristine beaches in Hawaii. While parking is always an issue and carpooling is recommended, these beaches are long and wide enough to accommodate a good sized party and we can always find a spot where there are few beach goers. We always suggest the optimal time for your ceremony which ranges from an 8am ceremony for your early risers to one hour before sunset for those of you who want those sunset images. These are the times when the beaches are more open since folks haven't arrived yet in the morning or are packing up for dinner around sunset.

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Morning wedding Makena Cove

3) Maui's selection of accommodations runs the gamut from $50.00/night studio apartments to $3000.00/night 5 star resort suites. Many rooms front the ocean so you can leave the slider open at night and listen to the waves and feel the cool trade winds, jumping out of bed in the morning for a nice cool run down the beach. For breakfast some fresh papaya or 2 scoop rice and some portugese sausage. Maui is also a magnet for celebrity chefs and world renown restaurants. Of course you can always order up a bowl of saimin or a chicken katsu plate lunch at Sam Sato's or some authentic German grindz at Brigit and Bernards Garden Cafe in Kahului.

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Kimo blows the conch
4) Your Honeymoon. Weddings, rings, dresses, etc are expensive and often mean that you have to skimp on the honeymoon or out it off for another year, but you know how that goes, things happen like babies and job changes and you just never get around to it. Why not just plan your maui beach wedding and your honeymoon at the same time? Like killing two birds with one stone and your friends will finally realize how smart you really are.

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Makena Cove Wedding
5) Maui's professional wedding vendors. Many of us have been working in the wedding industry on Maui for decades. Maui wedding planners like Marry Me Maui not only do a professional job putting your beach wedding together, they also know the vendors who have been on the island with great reputations who do excellent professional work. They know the island, the beaches and the ins and outs of everything you need to know to have a great time and make kifetime memories on the most popular island in the world. Maui.