Your Maui Wedding Day at Makena

Beaches, Beaches, Beaches! We have lots of them here on Maui; small, rocky, soft sandy, protected coves, big waves, pretty much anything you want for your dramatic backdrop we have and most of them are on the south side of Maui in the beautiful, currently unspoiled area of Makena. Once home to thousands of native Hawaiians, the Makena area is rich in history and unparalleled in beauty.

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Maluaka Beach Makena Maui
The rocky coastline rises out of the ocean and gives way to Dryland forest in an area that gets very little rain but boasts dozens of miles of beach, fishponds, tidal pools, snorkeling spots and of course, the occasional golf course and hotel. Fronting the Makena Beach and Golf Resort you'll find Maluaka Beach, a mid-sized gem with a gentle slope out in the water, a green grassy park and a beautiful palm tree lined avenue for walking with your best friend.

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Tree lined Avenue at Maluaka Beach, Makena Maui
Beyond the Makena Beach and Golf Resort is an unspoiled, wild area of south Maui with a tight one lane road and the gem of Maui: Big Beach State Park. While we don't do weddings at Big Beach, the next perfect spot is Makena Cove, just south of Big Beach this small cozy cove offers some of Maui's most spectacular wedding scenery and has been featured in a number of national advertising campaigns. Whatever beach you choose, your South Maui beach wedding will be sure to include spectacular Maui Wedding Photography. So get in touch with Marry Me Maui Wedding planners and let us plan your dream beach wedding. 1-808-242-1100

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Lovers on the beach

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