Maui Weddings

We always get asked about the right time of day to do a Maui wedding ceremony. Many of our clients want to do a luau as a reception, which usually start about an hour before sunset, pushing the wedding to the middle of the afternoon. While a luau seems like the Hawaiian way to end your wedding day, the timing makes photography  very difficult and limits your photographers ability to capture those portraits at the golden hour. We usually recommend that couples save the luau for the day before or after and schedule their Maui wedding for about an hour and a half before sunset. This gives us time to spend about 45 minutes exclusively with the couple to get those romantic, golden images and dramatic sunset backgrounds. We also remind them that even in January, temperatures on the beach at 3 in the afternoon can reach 85 degrees, making even an informal affair rather warm. As sunset approaches, the temperature cools, the gentle trades pick up and the colors get truly spectacular.

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