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Somebody in your wedding entourage is probably a photo enthusiast. They have a nice digital camera and spend a lot of time shooting at family reunions and Fourth of July picnics. Their images are very nice and they love to share them. We all love having them around and seeing the images afterwards. When you invite them to your Maui wedding, they get very excited to have the opportunity to record your day in mega-pixels and follow the professional photographer you've hired. The only problem with this, from the professional's point of view, is that when somebody is standing over their shoulder with a camera, especially someone the family knows well, the person you've hired to take professional portraits will have a bunch of shots with half the people looking at him and the other half looking at your photo enthusiast. Instead of telling your friend not to take pictures, have them take shots of the other guests who are not being photographed. They can capture an entirely different perspective of the day without causing your photographer to miss the shots you've paid him good money to capture.

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